To fulfill its mission to work for the poor, Livelihood BASIX Inc. (LBI) has affiliated to the BASIX Social Enterprise Group (, founded and headed by Mr. Vijay Mahajan. BASIX with its over 17 years of experience, knowledge and skills have partnered with LBI to expand its outreach to Africa, Asia and elsewhere. The charitable purpose of this partnership is to attain financial inclusion, skill and agricultural productivity enhancements for the excluded  and marginalized population.


Annual Reports of LBI:    

LBI 5th Annual Report 2017                                                   

Fourth Annual Report, 2016

Third Annual Report, 2015

Second Annual Report, 2014

First Annual Report, 2013

African Livelihoods Partnership -ALPs (Tanzania and Mozambique) Reports


LBI Micro Franchise

LBI_Dodoma_Micro Franchise

Franchise Business Plan